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QB Troy Aikman vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Rich Gannon vs. San Diego Chargers
Kent Graham vs. Baltimore Ravens
RB Shawn Bryson vs. Tennessee Titans
Edgerrin James @ Kansas City Chiefs
Dorsey Levens vs. New York Jets
Travis Prentice vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Duce Staley @ Dallas Cowboys
Tyrone Wheatley vs. San Diego Chargers
WR Curtis Conway @ Oakland Raiders
Germane Crowell @ New Orleans Saints
Jajuan Dawson vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Tim Dwight vs. San Francisco 49ers
Bobby Engram @ Minnesota Vikings
Carl Pickens @ Buffalo Bills
Bill Schroeder vs. New York Jets
TE Stephen Alexander vs. Carolina Panthers
Ken Dilger @ Kansas City Chiefs
K Gary Anderson vs. Chicago Bears
Brett Conway vs. Carolina Panthers
Def Cincinnati Defense - BYE
New England Defense vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ny Giants Defense vs. Arizona Cardinals

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