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QB Tony Banks @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Jeff Garcia @ Atlanta Falcons
Kurt Warner vs. Denver Broncos
RB Robert Chancey @ Oakland Raiders
Kevin Faulk vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Stacey Mack @ Cleveland Browns
Curtis Martin @ Green Bay Packers
Lamar Smith vs. Seattle Seahawks
James Stewart @ New Orleans Saints
WR Oronde Gadsden vs. Seattle Seahawks
Qadry Ismail @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Charles Johnson @ Dallas Cowboys
Ed McCaffrey @ St. Louis Rams
Muhsin Muhammad @ Washington Redskins
Jerry Rice @ Atlanta Falcons
Peter Warrick - BYE
TE Tyrone Davis vs. New York Jets
Jay Riemersma vs. Tennessee Titans
K Mike Hollis @ Cleveland Browns
Matt Stover @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Def Denver Defense @ St. Louis Rams
Philadelphia Defense @ Dallas Cowboys
Washington Defense vs. Carolina Panthers

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